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St. Johannerstraße 31a
6370 Kitzbühel/Tirol

Tel.: +43-664-1335555
E-Mail: info@localmotion.at

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LocalMotion Jira Malleier OG

St. Johannerstraße  31a                                                                                                     6370 Kitzbühel

Tel.: +43-(0)664-1335555
Email: info@localmotion.at                                                                                 

Mailing address: St. Johannerstraße 31a, 6370 Kitzbühel

Management:  Renate Malleier & Nikolaus Jira


VAT: ATU58016006
Companies Register: 249196s

Chamber of Commerce: Austria
Commerce: Mercantile Trade and Agents, Rental of motorized vehicles sans provision of any driver.                                     

 Court of Jurisdiction: Kitzbühel / Tirol

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