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LocalMotion Terms & Conditions


TERMS & CONDITIONS of LocalMotion Jira Malleier LLC, located in A-6370 Kitzbühel, St. Johannerstraße 31a; founded June 2004.

1) The purpose of enterprise of the above mentioned LLC is the sale and the rental of vehicles without the provision of a driver, as well as the supervision of training with, amongst others, vehicles listed in § no. 2.

2) The collection and availability of vehicles and other rental equipment may vary, those vehicles are primarily powered mechanically, or by combustion or electric engine.

3) Additional rental equipment, beyond the purview of vehicles mentioned above in  § no. 2, is available for sale.

4) The individual rental agreement is the first order source of terms & conditions. It however is agreed and acknowledged by every renter or customer or client that all items rented must be returned to
LocalMotion at the agreed upon time and in good condition.

5) LocalMotion reserves the right to seek indemnification from the renter or customer or client should any of the rental equipment be damaged, ruined or suffer irreperable damages. LocalMotion shall seek reimbursement for the full replacement value of the item in question.

6) Each renter, client, or customer, upon accepting any rental equipment from LocalMotion, not solely by signing the rental agreement, acknowledges that s/he: possesses the knowledge necessary to operate the rental
items; agrees to be held liable for any and all damages to the rental item should such occurr irrespective of the party at fault; has been informed that s/he has no insurance coverage from LocalMotion beyond the legally mandated liability; has been made aware of possible risks and dangers by LocalMotion; and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless LocalMotion from, for and against any claims.

7) LocalMotion accepts liability for any accidents caused by material defects in the equipment, and reserves the right to seek institution of legal proceedings in the case of compensation for losses sought after accidents and damages resulting from improper handling of rental equipment.

8) LocalMotion is to be compensated for lost wages resulting from the time needed to repair any damages to rental equipment caused by the renter, client or customer.

9) Training and participation grounds made available by LocalMotion (e.g. Motorsports-track, Paintball Arena, etc.) are to be accessed and used at the rentor, client, or customer’s own risk and responsibility.
LocalMotion and/or the grounds’ proprietors assume no liability or accountability: these are the terms and conditions for any dealings with LocalMotion, as LocalMotion will make reference to in potential hearing or
judicial proceeding. Guardians assume full liability for children on training and participation grounds as well as on LocalMotion’s premises.

10) As a matter of principal, every rental is to be paid in full upon the return of the rental equipment. LocalMotion reserves the right to amend the payment agreement. LocalMotion does not collect security deposits
or sureties, but reserves the right to amend this agreement. 

11) LocalMotion does not accept payment by check. Upon prior agreement, payment may be made by credit card or via money transfer. As a matter of principal, payments are to be remitted in cash. If not separate agreed the following cancellation policies are valid: until 28 days prior: free of charge; 27 days - 14 days prior: 80% of the total amount; 13 days - no show: 100% of the total amount.

12) Specified prices are per person & rental item, and include the legally mandated value added tax. LocalMotion reserves the right to change its prices and offers at any time for any reason.

13) LocalMotion reserves the right to reject potential clients without statement of reasons.

14) Court of Jurisdiction: A- 6370 Kitzbühel, Place of Performance: Kitzbühel district - otherwise seperate agreed.



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